Use Coffee For Painting

Do you know that you could use coffee for painting? If not, now you’ll know that you could use it to paint something different.

Try to paint using coffee and you’ll see how beautiful your painting would be. At my first attempt to use coffee in my painting, I thought that it’s not going to work out well and it’ll just attract ants but I was wrong.

The painting on the picture was made by me a couple of years ago and that painting was first painting using coffee instead of oil paint or acrylic paint.

I spent lots of hours to finish this painting and when it’s done I observed if my painting will attract ants but there was no ant even after the night that I made the painting.

Here’s how you use coffee for your painting.

First of all you will be needing your coffee powder to be used as you paint.

You are the one to decide how light or dark the color of the coffee you want to use.

Me, i made lots of color tones so that my painting would look better.

For light color you simply need to add more water, pour the coffee powder on the water with your desired amount. After mixing the water and the coffee, stir the mixture gently.

Now, you have a light color for your painting.

For darker color of coffee as paint, you just need to add more coffee in the mixture so that the color of the coffee will make the mixture darker. I use the darker color of the coffee for the dark colors of the image and also for the shadows.

Remember, your paint brush shouldn’t be so wet for you to prevent that paper to be pierced. Your coffee is water based so you need not to over soak your paint brush to the mixture of coffee and water.