How To Stop Snoring

Stop Snoring      

  Almost half of the population in the world snores, those who snore might be adult or child. There are reasons why a person snores and everyone must know the reasons why so that you will know the things that must be done to stop snoring and to stop disturbing your partner’s sleep.

Not only snoring is the problem here but also the sleeping problem which is called “Sleeping Apnea”. “Sleep Apnea” is a disorder that pauses breathing that last for a few seconds and that may occur 30 times an hour. This could also disturb your or your partner’s sleep.

The reasons why a person “snore” and suffer from “sleep apnea” are because of the following; sleeping position, alcohol, cigarette, medications, weight, nasal passages, dust and improper hydration.

You also need to know the symptoms of snoring and sleep apnea so that if you sleep alone and no one hears you snore you’ll still know that you are snoring while sleeping.


Daytime sleepines

Choking while sleeping

Morning headaches


Daytime Sleepiness

  • You will feel sleepy after a couple of hours when you got up from bed. This is because you haven’t got enough sleep because your snoring and sleep apnea disturbed your sleep.

 Choking while sleeping

  • You felt like something’s blocking your throat that causes loud noise or snort.

Morning Headaches

  • At the very moment that you woke up and opened your eyes you instantly felt that your head hurts, this is because you lack sleep.


This is also because of lack of sleep. You are not feeling well so your mood changes instantly.

There are ways to stop “snoring” and “sleep apnea’ so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Now you can stop worrying about disturbing your partner’s sleep, you will also have a peaceful sleep.

Ways to stop SNORING and SLEEP APNEA

Lose Weight

Your weight might be one of the reasons why you snore while sleeping. Losing a few pounds could help a lot.

Quit Smoking

Smoking not just causes snore and sleep apnea it also causes cancer and it causes death so you better quit smoking.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol makes a person snore while sleeping and it can also worsen your       snore and sleep apnea.

Clean nasal passages

Clearing you nasal passages can help a lot to stop you from snoring and sleep apnea because the air will flow slowly and you could also breath well.

Change sleep position

Changing your sleeping position can also help. Lying on your back is also the reason why person snore. It is because your tongue collapses at the back of your throat that blocks and prevent the air from flowing slowly. Also, it creates a vibrating sound.

If you ever find it hard to not sleeping on your back you can put a tennis ball at the top of your pajamas. The tennis ball will prevent you from lying on your back and it will also help you to stop your sleeping or sleep apnea.