Short Story 2

I wrote this story in regards to how I feel about my current relationship. Please feel free to comment in regards to that or even just my writing. Thanks for reading!

“The Moon”
We met underneath the moon unlike any other I’ve seen before. The moon seemed so much more full and bright. It shined upon your hair. Your hair was a curly mess of one part sleep and one part rushed fixing. The way it moved within the air as you walked was so mesmerizing. It framed your face in such a way that I wanted to see it upon a wall so I could wake up and smile every day simply at the thought of you. Your eyes shined as a reflection of the moon peaked in them. I noticed it and now every time I get the pleasure of seeing your eyes, it’s the moon looking back at me, the beautiful moon so full of light. Your smile slowly awakened as you saw it. I’ll never forget the way you smiled at that moon. I was never one for the moon until then. Now I find myself staring at it every night just to relive that moment. The moment you kissed me beneath the moon and millions of stars. You are the stars in a sense that you cross my thoughts as many times as I can count the stars. You are the moon as you shine so positively and brightly in my life. You are the sky as you fill every void in me. You kissed me with lips as soft as the clouds that appear so abruptly in the calm night sky. Your voice is the wind whispering through the trees as I sit and stargaze. You are everything there is to love about the night. You grabbed the side of my face and pulled me in. You showed me what it was to feel love and acceptance. You showed me what it was to touch the moon. I now adore the moon and the stars and the night. You are the moon, the stars, and the night. You are everything I could want to love. You are my one and only moon, and god does I love the moon. We met underneath the moon unlike any other. I truly do love the moon. I truly do love you.