Acrostic “Date Poem”

An Acrostic Poem is a poem that starts by writing a word or phrase vertically.  Then, with each letter of that word or phrase starting each sentence, a poem is written that usually has something to do with the vertically written word.

Some time ago I started writing what I call “date poems” writing the date (originally with the year, too) and just writing whatever came to mind using the letters.  My “date poems” have no “meter” or set “syllable count” and most of the time, no rhyme.

I used to try to do one of these for every day of a certain month.  These days it seems I’m so busy that I can’t keep up at all, and I’ve started to kind of do them randomly. ;p

My example of a “Date Poem”, below, is for today’s date, October Seventeenth (2015).


Oh, Lord, I know that

Come what may, I can get

Through anything if I

Only put my trust in You;

Because You have never failed me,

Even though, I am sorry to say, I have

Repeatedly failed You.

So, Lord, thank You for Your

Everlasting mercy; thank You so

Very much for

Every time You have supplied my

Need, and

Then some.  Thank You for the times You have allowed me to fall on my face, and

Even though it hurt, You showed me what I could learn from it.

Now, Lord, help me

To go past my mistakes, and show others the freedom from guilt and regret that only

You, my

Heavenly Father, can give.

© Stacey Uffelman 10/17/15

Huh.  Times like this that I wish that SkyPip would let us write all the way across the page instead of cutting us off like it does (like on the third to last line of the poem). Anyhow, you get the idea anyway, right? 😉  Maybe it’s not a “poem” in some folks’ eyes, but not all poems rhyme, and it’s just a fun (for me) little thing I made up so that I had something to write. 🙂