Naruto,an anime worth watching


Do you guys watch anime or we can call it animation . Anime can be a Television series, a show or it can be a story.Today i am gonna introduce you to one of the best and top rated anime . The name of anime is Naruto as you have seen in the heading. I personally am a big fan of mostly all the animations because each of them surely consist of something that i can learn from them. There are n number of anime that are directed by Japanese people. I must say they have a great mind when it comes to emotion or science fiction or action or anything else.


Misashi kishimoto is the man who created this anime called Naruto.So let me tell you about this anime. Naruto is a boy who is all alone, he doesn’t have any friends neither he has parents , his parents were dead when he was born or i should say they died while saving him. Being alone doesn’t feel good as we all know but this guy was all alone in his childhood, the reason behind being alone was that people were scared of him and most of the parents in their village restricted their children to play with him, and to even talk to him. The reason behind being scared of him was he had a monster being sealed inside him from which everyone would scared of.


I’ve told you about Naruto’s childhood, afterwards we have epic fights combined with deep emotions and motivating soundtracks and suspense that is very interesting till the end. It is amazing to see how this guy and his friends help him in saving his village from the enemies. It is a kind of an inspiring story when it comes to accomplishing  goals.

Well, this guy Naruto doesn’t exist but is one of the best inspirational character i’ve seen.