The Mysterious Mexican, And The Irish Investigator (Short Excerpt)


    This is unheard of he thought. Sitting in the waiting room. A woman P.I.?
Something he pondered, but where else could he go? This man, was a mysterious Mexican. It was 1952, and no one else would hear his case.

   The man was now getting odd looks from the secretary he could only assume it was the mask, and his dark Gaucho hat. “Please come in.” He heard the voice in an Irish accent, not only a woman, but an Irish investigator.
Feeling nervous, he strode into the office for all the things he had done in his day this oddly made him more intimidated. He was good at squandering, and bold thievery, yet the ladies made him sweat.

   He caught a glimpse, and lost his breath. His knees quivered as he tried to remain in control taking a seat.
She sat with crimson lips cinnamon hair, and a black fedora. The woman peered through him with a hungry glow in her aqua emerald eyes. This lady wanted to know everything about this dark figure, she needed too. Silently she took a deep breath, and managed to keep her savvy demeanor.

   Truly the town had had lost there wits with this one. Many rumors that he seemed to know this town, perhaps he was an old resident. They said maybe he was a woman in disguise, because he acted similar to a lady who had left long ago. She was a vagrant like him. Yet this Irish investigator knew that wasn’t the case. She could tell he knew the town, and was glad he came to ask for assistance.

   “What did you come for?” She smiled in question. “My lady, you had requested that I make myself known to you.” She had forgotten all about this, and was caught in a trance by his intoxicating scent of spices, and a hint of gin. She couldn’t help but laugh awkwardly, which caused him to do the same.

   Visions swam through his head, he never thought the investigator would be a woman, nor one he was so attracted too. They talked about his past, and the present. Everything moved so quickly. As his eyes roamed about her smooth alabaster skin, he began to feel a comfort in this woman.

   While they spoke she never took her eyes away from his dark amber ebony eyes, depth which she had never gazed upon before. She knew then she could trust him in this moment, but could the town?

 To be continued….