How to be attractive in only 10 minutes

You like to always be in the spotlight and look to attract men? Science comes to attraction and help you become irresistible reveals how in just a few minutes. For now, no longer have to worry that you do not have perfect shapes or features impeccable, you can always be pleasing to others!

Want to know how you become irresistible in just 10 minutes? It is sufficient to take into account the strengths and qualities they have and do not hesitate to put them in value!

A sense of humor is considered sexy

According to scientists, women like men who make them laugh, and men like women who know how to appreciate good humor. People who have a sense of humor are more likely to find the right person for them. Why humor is considered sexy? Because it is associated with intelligence, so do not hesitate to smile more often and be open to jokes.

An open approach is much appreciated

According to scientists, people who are open and which are easier to deal with are more likely to live a beautiful love story. In one study, more men were asked to say what prompted him to approach a woman, and they said they were often encouraged by the attitude that it had. Thus, if you let a man think you like him, chances that he consider you attractive and you will be much bigger deal.

Any conversation is important

Arthur Aron, a psychologist at New York University, says that people can build strong connections in less than an hour. Any conversation is important, and women and men may know better when they tell their different life experiences. Psychology professor believes that only 36 questions are enough to know someone better. People who participated in a study based on this set of questions were able to develop a relationship much stronger than would be managed in a longer period.

The personality is the greatest asset of a woman

Want to find out how you become irresistible in just five minutes? Know that personality is the greatest asset of a person, so do not hesitate to use this to your advantage. According to scientists, every woman should be spontaneous, smart, pleasant and always attentive to details. In one study, more men were asked what they considered irresistible to a woman, and they said they are attracted to women who have a great personality.

Emotions can help make a new partener

According to scientists, men are more attracted to women who can provide strong emotions. They will fall in love with the way a woman behaves and interacts with them. Of course, appearance is important, but women who have a highly developed emotional intelligence are more likely to make a new conquest. According to men, emotions are contagious, and they do best when they have similar experiences of life with the woman you want to conquer.