Just a short story I wrote, please enjoy!

“The S Project”

As the three workers crept further along they noticed something creeping within the mist. All they could hear was its heavy, deep breathing from a mile away. A slight cry was released the closer they got to it. The bridge started to slowly sway beneath their feet ever so gently as they walked slowly towards the unknown being. The fog was so thick that it was deemed impossible to see their hand clearly if it were right in front of one’s face. The only thing manageable to see in the dense fog was the rough outline of people and things. It was the first day on the job and they had no idea what they had just gotten themselves into. They kept walking but the more they moved, the more the bridge started to shake. It got to the point of standing still being as difficult as walking or even running. As they finally reached the outline of the being they stood frozen in terror. The name of the job was now made clear. “The S Project” stood for a life taken, a punishment, and the figure was a man getting ready to jump. He was screaming words not comprehensible.He was crying and covered in sweat. His hair draped over his face in a black mangled mess. It framed his face in a way making it hard to see his features. He was wearing a dark blue suit with rips and tears covering it, looked at the workers with tears slowly falling down his face. He stopped screaming and looked at them in a way as if to ask for help but not able to form the proper words to ask for it. His breathing was heavy and raspy. His shoes were falling apart at the very stitches themselves. He was sitting on the wire cable used to supply support for the bridge. The workers walked up to him in hopes to calm him down and figure out what was happening. They finally got him off of the wire but he fell to his knees. He cried once more and looked at them in a way of full desperation. They tried to get to him but couldn’t. He reached for them to no avail. They finally realise why this guy is here. Why he was crying was made so clear. He could see them and it scared him. The man looked at them with such an apologetic look. He finally mouthed words that they could understand. “I’m so sorry” They keep walking and he just seemed to get further and further. They try to help him. Its their job. The roles have been switched and they finally realise that he is their help. The crew needs to cross over. They look at him with sad faces. They feel tears frame their face as they remember. Their kids have cried, wives have slit wrists and pill addiction. Families ruined because of selfish fathers, and husbands. They’ve done it and they are finally able to see.He jumped, he pulled a trigger and he tied a rope. The man slowly turns into a wife, a child, a mother. The three men look at their once loved ones. They cry tears made to feel almost like acid. They look at them and mouth six simple words, “I love you and i’m sorry”. The families fade out and the men try to scream. Nothing comes out. The group look at each other and know what to do. They sit on the wire cable to the side of the bridge and they jump. They awaken once more to notice something creeping beyond the mist.  As they decided to walk closer to it they realized it was a figure of a man. A man, getting ready to jump.