Interest in graphic design

Graphic Designers

If you read my first post you would know one of my main interest or the future career. I want to have a future in graphic advertising and design. An easy way to explain what a graphic designer is, would probably be to tell you to look. Just look at any advertisement. Little, big. Any size. People who create those would be considered the designers. They put together what you’re seeing. Although it is possible that they themselves could’ve made the product as well, it is also likely that they have just designed it.  Graphic designers can go to school anywhere from 2-4 years, not including vocational schools. They also have a very independent work ethic most of the time. Their running salary can vary often as well. It all just depends on if they work for a company or alone or any other variables.  It tends to seem very expressive and you get most of the say in your work. Your work can also get very popular. Anything you create has the possibility of becoming well known around some places, for example, Apple. A designer had to design the logo for that and it is known around the world! Overall, my interest in graphic design and advertising has branched out from my love for expression and my creative ability. I highly recommend looking into graphic design if you like using things such as;

*Adobe Photoshop

*Adobe Illustrator

*Adobe InDesign.

I also recommend looking into certifications if you do decide this might be a field for you. Also look into colleges around your area as well. Vocational schools or career centers usually have a graphic program. I highly recommend looking into it if you are falling under anything listed above.