New Death Metal Music I Found Today

The most amazing app for me when it comes to music is absolutely Spotify with out any close competitors. I love that I can listen to full albums all day long. I listen to death metal so this is really the easiest way for me to come across new albums. I am sure with some research there are other ways to find new albums of worth. Spotify just put the ease and fun into it all though.

Today I listened to two different albums that I enjoyed. The first was the 2008 album by Death Angel “Killing Season” and the other was by a band I didn’t know yet. The band is called Deserted Fear and the album I listened to was from 2014 called Kingdom of Worms.

The first album was more about injustice in many forms. I like the album because it drives the listener to do something about the injustice of the world.

The second album from Deserted Fear has a much more classic death metal feel about it. I would describe this album as having a mix of sound from two classic death metal bands. Those two being Six Feet Under and Obituary.

I actually have a metal blog of my own that I keep updated with my golden finds in many genres of metal. I enjoy doing this because I also have a Twitter dedicated to metal and many people to share that with. Although I also wanted to share it here. I wanted to hopefully have some interaction with people because the avenue above does not offer a way for much interaction with other people.

I know after hearing the one album by Deserted Fear that I will enjoy more of their albums as well. I think they have at least three other ones on Spotify.  I will probably be listening to more of them this evening.