We do all have friends. Friends is someone whom you can share with your problems, pain, and happiness. Real friends is someone who will scold you every time you commit mistakes, someone who will lift you up when you are upset and down, someone who will laugh at you when you did things crazy, but despite all of that, real friends will never leave you and still go after you.

A person with more friends is someone who is friendly. But, we must choose our friends, because sometimes, friends can be the reason of making bad things. When we choose our friends, we must be smart and responsible enough. Sometimes, friends are just good at you when you have something to share, and leave you when times you already left nothing. I choose my friends wisely, and I am happy to say that all of my friends were good and very supportive at me in times I need support. I remember those crazy nights and crazy moments with them. We laughed together even our voice was so loud and we don’t care about what people say to us. I guess that’s one of the reason why need to be happy, that aside from our parents and loved ones, there are friends who will always there for you in times of your need and frustrations. Now, all of us are already busy in their individual lives, some are busy with their jobs and career, but despite the busy days and hectic schedules, still we find time to see each other during weekends and holidays. I can say that my life would be empty without them by my side, and I am sure that one day, we will have our own family, but there is only one things which is very sure, that our friendship will always remain until the end of the days in the world.

Cherish your friends and value them in your life.