280 words: Hard or Easy?

Writing is hard and we have to admit it, especially when writing is out of your hobby or passion. But, through social medias and other article sites, we slowly learn and adopt the qualities of being a writer. There are many types of writers, and writing is more fun when you are in the good mood.  For some, they express themselves through writing. Here in Skypip, it states that we need to post at least 280 words before our writings will be posted. Now the question is that, is it easy? or is it hard?I admit that it’s pretty hard, especially when you are short of your ideas and imaginations. The best thing to do is to really make an article in which you are capable into, or make an article which is broad in ideas so that it can be easily expanded. Some writes would start from an introduction, telling or informing the readers on what the article is all about. After composing your intro, maybe you can start the body of your article. But, we must make sure that the body is relevant to the introduction, wherein readers can connect to the ideas or thoughts your are expressing. Reading an article is boring, especially when you the article is hard to understand. They say that if you are a good writer, then you must be a good reader. I just hope that people or writers here in Skypip are flexible and find time to read someone’s article. There must be an interaction both the readers and the writers, so that everybody will have an equal share of their time. In time, we can say that we will become a good writers someday. We just have to enjoy every single moment of our stay here in Skypip.