Write your first original song

Are you a music lover? Do you feel a lot of different emotions whenever you are listening to music? Do you feel relaxed whenever you are listening to acoustic songs of love songs or some instrumental music? It doesn’t matter what music genre is your favorite as long as you love music.

Do you play guitar, piano, violin or any other instrument? Do you sing? Well, it doesn’t matter what your answer is. Almost all of the people living in this planet wants to listen to their original songs or dreaming of becoming a famous singer, band vocalist or a famous composer.

Do you think you can’t write a song because you haven’t tried this before? You’re wrong if you think that you could never do something like that because a song’s lyrics are the composer’s feeling and thoughts.

Write what your heart feel and what your mind say, take advantage of what’s happening to you, it doesn’t matter if it’s bad or good. Reminisce those memories that you’ve had, sad memories or happy memories will do. Write every words that comes to your mind and make sure that you put feelings to every words you write.

When you’re finally done writing those words, try to study those words that you just wrote and make a story out of it. And when you’re done making a story out of the words that you just wrote down then this is the write time to start writing you first ever original song’s lyrics.

When you’re done writing the lyrics don’t be satisfied yet but read the lyrics that you wrote a couple of times so that you’ll know if there are words or phrases that needs to be changed.

You’ll know when you’re song is alright. You’ll feel something in your heart when you read your lyrics and it makes you want to sing this song again and again the whole day and even the day after the day that you wrote your song.