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Content Creation and Your Process: Does it Work?

Content Creation: It’s only as good as your process.

Content creation for the Internet isn’t what it used to be. In writing my micro stories (300 words or less), I create stories with my entire story mapped out from beginning to end.

I’ve never ha d a problem with my writing process. It was my distribution and marketing that was lacking.  It was getting to the point that I felt i wasn’t making any progress in gaining support for my work. What was I doing wrong? I wasn’t thinking realistic about writing in 2017. People aren’t reading at the same depths as they did when I was in high school or college. I had to change up my process and not keep up with the times, but with habits.  People glance at content, and rarely ingest it. It’s like taking a sip of every drink at the bar and never finishing a shot.  I didn’t want my work to be a wine tasting, but a filling meal to readers.

I first began with understanding what it takes to stand out in the crowd – Color, Imagery. Nothing big, but enough for you to grasp the concept of the work. Here’s an example:

Content Creation, Content Marketing, Content
Image created by R.C. Allen Jr. (Instagram: @rcallenjr)


The presentation of this image is inspired by templates from Canva. If you haven’t used that website yet, it should be on your list. Canva has all the social media models and formats you will need to put together a great format.   The Image was pulled from Pixabay – this keeps everything copyright free and free from the worries of someone complaining about digital rights. So far, Pixabay is the No.1 choice for me when it comes to imagery. Finally there is the distribution – TweetNJoy is a great Twitter application that allows you to post images with a deep caption, and tweets it out as a full image – that doesn’t include the original tweet.  In regards to writing, I work through the Hemingway App. Great editorial checks and helps you write clear. What makes this easy for my process?

  1. Simple tools to use
  2. Quick, almost thoughtless process of production
  3. Can be used anywhere

These may not be your top choices, but they are for me. Take a moment and give them a try! Content creation doesn’t have to be this drawn out process, make it simple, effective, and fun!