Some Good Friends Never Last

I heard this line  but I think its a song.

Yes some good friends never last because if a personal motive arises, the relationship will be ended. When your friends became closer to each other and you disclose your life to her, the problem will begin there.

She may compare her to you, your needs, her needs in life, the way you look physically and even look at you degrading you and forgetting that it is not the look that matters in a relationship.  It is how we handle the relationship of which I see the reason most relationship failed.

As for my cheater friend, she had been in different men and got unsuccessful relationship because of her attitude. Ohh let me compare mine. I am not having a successful marriage life before because whatever I do, we cannot meet halfway because of jealousy. I never done any wrong to any man but clinging to a bad relationship will send you to depression. From there, I get out and live alone but my ex husband always wanted to come back to me till he die.

I tried having boyfriend and once they failed on the test I gave them, I broke with them but most of them wants me back. Once I broke with somebody, I don;t want a second chance. I always move on. I don’t care if he is still after me or what. I move and I move.

In friendship relationship to any woman, I am giving a chance for her to explain and ask forgiveness. Actually I gave her three days to explain. Now is her second day. Still tomorrow I am waiting for her.If she don’t I will cut all. I will not be the best friend for her. I will be a friend only of whom I can be the one in her list. I lost interest on her and it’s a bad sign if I lost interest to people.

I will never last to her life because she never last to me. Doing something that bypass me is a threat to the relationship. Good thing I am strong enough to understand. I may forgive but I will not trust her anymore like the way I was before.

Some good friends may never last because of your wrongdoings. If I last, I am a fool.