Let go of toxic people

Life is not easy. Some days are better than others. Each person has their issues. Some have more than others. There always seems to be one of more than one person(s) whom are toxic. What I mean by toxic is that they are always negative.  I hate to see people live this way. I know there will always be some issues or concerns in life, but having toxic people make it worse. Recently I was tested when I tried to help someone out.  I grew up with this girl and we have remained friends through out adulthood until recently.

She kept posting how her electric was going to get shut off but it was not her fault because they sent the bill out late.  In that same rant she went on to say that her rent was late but that was not her fault either because the store she went to to get her  money order to pay rent was out of money orders.  it was everyones fault but her own.  This had gone on for weeks. I would try to be encouraging and give her options and help her, but it was not good enough.

It got to the point to where she was making me angry and that does not happen often.  I dreaded seeing her messages so finally I just cut ties with her. She was toxic to me. Life is to short to live that way. We all know life is hard.  sometimes you have to suck it up and take responsibility. No one has that much bad luck as she protrays she has had. You cannot help someone who does not want to help them self. I hope her life gets better and good things happen to her.