Respect is a Must

It’s not a serious matter but what I need is respect. Continue denying the fact and pretending doesn’t solve the problem. Silence makes my heart in flame.

There are many ways to get me to explain her side but she never did.  She kept on pretending and holding her lies. She underestimate my capabilities. She may think that she can fool me and believe her always. She can add my man but she must tell me first. My man tell me honestly about her adding him. I asked her but she kept on pretending her ignorance but her as our mutual friend since last night prove her being a fake friend.

She don;t even think on what she was posted on my wall status last night. She advised me to remove that kind of friend, a cheater and flirt and even called her(which I am referring on post was her) an asshole.

Then  interrogating her, she kept on denying and even told me she don;t like stress. Well, i am stressing her with all my Fb post since last night. I am flaring up and still posting because she kept on silence.

My feelings now is like the typhoon in the Philippines. Manila is signal number two. It is just like my feeling going strong because she never accept the truth. She continue to be silent. I am a person who like to discuss and to show the truth.

I am sorry, I am bold enough to tell my side on anywhere because I believe this is my right. It;s her right too to be silent but it means that she accepted her mistakes and will be the time for me to end that path she created towards me.

A real and true friend must be true in every motive she is doing. keeping it silence to me proves that she is a fake friend. This is the time that I must remove her in my heart. I spent years of understanding her and teaching her. Now, she cross the line that is not pertains her. It;s time to BLOCK her and cut her from my heart.

So, bye friend.