Family is the basic unit of a  social unit. it is what makes the lasger society. when one has a good attachment back at home with different family members, they develop a strong bond and this inculcates values in  an individual.

The values gives an individual the confidence to face the larger society without feaar of being victimized . This is simply because one has alredy experimented what to do in a safe environment without fear of victimization or judgment.

As children grow up from birt to around ten years of age, they model and learn so much from their immediate family members, this are the caregivers. Good morals are inculcated  during this period. It id at this time that a child learns how to respect and even behave in presence of elders.

In a  family which is malfunctioned, whereby different individual either do not  take their respective roles or the family dynamics are complex, an individual may find it hard to cope when they join the world. This is simply because there are a set of guidelines and rules which are set out by society on how different people should behave.

All families ared different and that is the beuty of life.  If all of us were brought up in the same environment, where we all learned the same behaviours, life would be boring. there would be nothing interesting about life. The situation currently as it is, helps an individual learn how to live with different people with different socialization.  each an every family with their own belief system respecting each  other makes society lovely.

Doing the same thing is boring, having different ideas is brilliant. socialization is the basic thing that makes humanity unique. Be it in the west or east, all of us have different social interactions which originates from the smallest unit of society which is tha family. I celebrate and advocate for good family relationships to form a well bound society.Family Quote