Oh Deer Zebra and Buffalo Story

It was all very coordinated. Perfectly disguised in animal skin and a tail, the buffalo and the zebra ran ahead. The animals chose the buffalo and the zebra for two reasons. One they could run faster than the lion. Two, they were tough.
So the deer was left out! Actually this story is about the deer. It had lost its way and could not find its way back. The buffalo and the zebra were on a rescue mission.
They carried some food for the deer because the deer liked food very much. They searched in the valley. They climbed up the hills. They went down to the river but the deer was nowhere to be found.
The day was progressing fast. The animals were getting worried that the lion must have eaten the deer already. Still, they did not give up hope. They were sure that the buffalo and the zebra would somehow find and rescue the deer.
The pair decided to split up and search. The buffalo would search in the holes and corners of the lower forest while the zebra would explore the upper area for any clues.
Two hours passed but there was no sign of the lost little deer. They decided to take the help of the wise old owl which lived on the edge of the forest. The owl saw the two animals and listened to their story.
It knew that the deer would have been found if it was loitering in the open places. Therefore it decided that the deer must be inside some cave in the hills. The owl told the buffalo and the zebra to go search the caves. Within ten minutes, they discovered the deer and set back home after thanking the owl for its help.