The truth behind ghost!! How the thief in a bunglaw killed which closed for years. IS it a ghost? scientific study!

Hi guys. its been a long time that i was in here. Now i am doing good, you you all are too. today i am here with on of the biggest truth revealed by scientists who study about ghosts and negative energy. I can see that many people are feared of ghosts. Most of them…

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Medical Record

What if you were fired for having the gene for cancer?

How would you handle it? Here’s what I would do. First of all, I would contact an attorney since this is likely to fall under the Americans with Disability Act making all these actions illegal. Secondly, I would probably sue the testing facility because of the obvious violation of the HIPAA law (a law making…

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Long-life and slow the aging secrets

Or a handful of edible vitamins are long-life and slow the aging secrets? Plenty of TV advertising spots, a lot of articles in various popular publications authors persuaded people, that free radicals arising in the body during the ongoing biochemical processes with oxygen (it is highly active compounds), which Carries out “evil” that it is…

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