Such 7 tasks of OTG cable that you hardly know!

Today people have a smartphone, but many people find smartphones using smartness. Smartphones are only used in photos, movies, games and chatting. But there are other features of Smartphone that help you get your job done very much. These features have an OTG cable support feature.

OTG (On-The-Go) cable is a type of cable through which you can connect other devices to a smartphone. A good quality OTG cable comes to about Rs. 50. Not only this, users can also use the OTG connector instead of cable. Which costs 20 to 30 rupees. Generally OTG’s use is used to connect the pen drive. But today we will tell you in this article what you can do with OTG

1) Through OTG you can connect the joy stick to the smartphone and enjoy the games.

2) If you have to transfer the contact and the message to another, you can do it through OTG. For this you will also need to enter a third party app like SmartSwitch

3) Through OTG, you can connect your digital camera with your smartphone and share photos.

4) If you want to connect your musical keyboard to mobile then you can do this via OTG cable.

5) If you have to print a document, you can print your printer by connecting it to your smartphone via OTG.

6) If you are passionate about movies you can share movies by connecting the hard drive from OTG.

7) OTG lets you charge a second smartphone from your smartphone.
This is very helpful post for every smartphone users. Just read this and use OTG