What To Do After a Major Fall?

When a major tumble occurs, you could receive serious harm, hurting your head or breaking a limb. It’s important, then, to get assistance immediately, and begin thinking about whether additional aid is needed. If the plunge wasn’t your fault, you may have options. Here are three things to consider about caring for yourself after a fall.

Get Medical Help

If you experience a major topple, go to urgent care or a qualified doctor’s office. While there, explain the situation completely and have a thorough evaluation, noting any details about the incident and where on your body the impact affected. The physician may order x-rays or an MRI to rule out any muscle or bone trouble. Then, get the name of a medical specialist who helps with recovery, such as a physical therapist or chiropractor. Even if you don’t feel pain now, you might experience it in a few days.

Document Everything

Hopefully, management noted the event when it happened. If not, go back and file a formal report about the slip. Gather witnesses’ names, and, if needed, look for video of the incident. While a workplace may not give out a copy, a colleague may have one or, if the fall was in the neighborhood, someone’s camera might have caught it. Furthermore, save all receipts and paperwork.

Know the Law

While accidents happen, sometimes a major slip could be the result of another’s poor habits. That leaves you with the bills with the other person in the clear. If you feel another person is to blame, then contact a personal injury law firm hillsborough county. In order to sue, you’ll need to prove that the property owner was aware of the danger and neglected to fix it. In addition, be prepared to prove you were a responsible citizen and had no fault in the situation.

Falling can be embarrassing. What is worse, though, is realizing the cost and pain of recovery. Seek the advice of legal and medical counsel. These professionals could help you heal.