Let’s go on an animal adventure!


My name is Lindsay and I write articles about everything animals! I have been doing these types of articles for a long time now. I keep things fun and never boring.

What does the word Creaturecation mean? It is a combination of the words ‘creature’ and ‘education’.

My background consists of working hands on with animals, from veterinary experience to caring for a lot of different species and their daily needs. I have also rehabilitated some wild animals animals released them back into the wild. And of course I have my lovely pets I have cared for for years. I am especially knowledgeable in rodents.

Here are a few examples of what I’ll be writing about:

  • How does a cat’s ear rotate 180 degrees?
  • What is a group of crows called?
  • Do hippos sweat blood?!

Animals are fascinating and learning about them helps us understand the world around us. Even objects that people have created to make everyday life better, have been inspired by the design of an animal!

My posts are to encourage people to get to know nature a little better, and not to be afraid of harmless things, like spiders and other arachnids and insects. If you learn to distinguish the dangerous from the non dangerous you will be safer, and more learning can exist without people needlessly killing it out of fear.

One post I will be doing soon is a ‘How to’ on being able to identify different species of spiders, so you can recognize the more dangerous and medically significant spiders, from other harmless species.

I also will do animal profiles, that include the basic stats of the animal, special things about them and fun facts too.

I hope to be of help as well to children learning about life science in school. My articles will give them the basics they need to know on different species of animals, but I’ll also make it fun and interesting.

So this is my introduction to you all. I’m happy to be here!