You Are What You Eat

I know most of you have heard this, ‘ You Are What You Eat ‘.  The fact is that this is true. In our fair country the health problems are completely out of hand.  Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes, Obesity.  Just to name a few.  And all of our health problems can, yes I said CAN, be cured by just one simple thing.

Change what we eat. That’s right, what we eat, the foods that most of us eat are poison. GMO foods, processed foods, food that is not even food. And Sugar, Salt, preservatives, fill most everything. The vegetables are sprayed with poisons to kill the bugs. Which also kills the beneficial bugs. Like the Bees, Ladybugs, and others, that are here to make the plants grow.

The meat we eat is pumped full of Antibiotics and Hormones to make them bigger, produce more milk.  Then we eat them and fill our bodies with the drugs.

Then we have to take the drugs that the pharmaceutical companies push down our throats, tell us that all we need is to take this pill, or this shot we will be fine.

But, the truth is that if we would eat Organic Raw Foods we can cure everything that ails us.

Go through your pantry and just read the labels on the so called foods that are there. Most of what is in the package is not even food, but chemicals and poisons.

Do some research find the answers for yourself, and then start curing yourself. It is that easy, and that hard. The junk that is being put in our foods are habit forming.  They cause us to crave the junk foods, and keep up addicted.

But we can break the cycle by changing our eating habits. And become healthy again.