Wine Diet

Wine Diet: Diet on wine to lose weight

Wine Diet; how to maintain? Find out the truth about drinking alcohol on a diet and whether this approach will help you get rid of extra pounds. Almost all elements include a strict ban on the use of alcoholic beverages. The reason for this lies on the surface because alcohol increases appetite and promotes water retention in the body. But some nutritionists believe that a diet that includes certain alcoholic beverages can be very effective. Now we are talking about a diet based on wine.

Pros and cons of the wine diet

It is assumed that wine accelerates the breakdown of fat and increases the rate of reduction of adipose tissue. However, today in the world’s leading nutritionists camp, there is no complete agreement on this point. We can confidently say that this alcoholic drink helps improve the digestive process.

Wine can help your body process heavy foods like meat. In addition, wine accelerates metabolism, which does not contribute to the accumulation of new fatty substances. It is for these reasons that the wine diet is quite popular today. However, this diet plan has its drawbacks that you need to be aware of. First, there is contraindication in the presence of problems in the digestive system. If you are diagnosed with gastritis, it is better not to use a wine diet. It would help if you consumed the drink on an empty stomach, which will always lead to worsening the disease.

Potential hangovers should also be attributed to the disadvantages of this nutritional plan. Wine contains glycerin and sulfites, and these substances can cause an unpleasant sensation. It should also note that in terms of sulfite and glycerin content, wine is significantly better than premium vodka.

Wine has a relaxing effect, which can reduce performance and discolor your body. Knowing this, you should think carefully before starting a wine diet, especially if your job involves mental stress.

At the same time, wine has a low energy value. It can be beneficial for the body if consumed within reasonable limits. The wine contains special enzymes that can increase the efficiency of defense mechanisms and rejuvenate the body. Suppose you are not afraid of a possible increased appetite and you are sure that you can restrain yourself from eating a lot of food after a glass of wine. In that case, this diet can be helpful for you.

How to make a wine diet as effective as possible?

Today, the wine diet has several varieties. However, all these types of this nutrition plans are united by one rule – during the day, you need to consume one bottle of quality drink. At the same time, there are no restrictions on one serving of wine. You can drink it all at once or stretch it throughout the day. It would help if you also drank a lot of water. We will now tell you about everything else in more detail, taking into account each existing diet for wine.

  • 1st option. In this form, the nutritional program is used for three days. You should not drink more than one bottle of the drink daily, but less is possible. It is also allowed to eat an apple (no more than three pieces) and a maximum of half a loaf of whole grain bread. During the diet, you can lose from three to five kilos.
  • 2nd option. The product set used is similar to the previous version, but the settings are slightly changed. This version of the diet program is perfect for those who want to go to parties. On the first day of the diet, you must follow the first option’s rules. The next day you can visit and drink wine, and on the last day of the diet, you can return to the original diet.
  • 3rd option. This wine diet option includes eating cheese. It should note that this program is top-rated among the stars of domestic and foreign show business. Cheese is good because it contains many protein compounds, and with its help, you can satisfy your hunger for a long time.

This diet is also designed for three days. For breakfast, you can eat 120 grams of cheese, drink a glass of wine, and have toast made from wheat bread. For lunch and dinner, you need to eat the same 120 grams of cheese, two toast, and two glasses of wine.

According to the available information, you can lose three or even five kilograms of fat during the diet. You have probably already noticed that the wine diet is a mono diet, implying a lack of nutrients. It is best to choose a time to use the diet when it does not interfere with your career, say, on vacation.

Wine Diet
Wine Diet

Basic principles of weight loss

Today you got acquainted with the wine diet. If you have no contraindications to its use, you can evaluate the success of this nutritional plan. But you must remember that getting rid of excess weight is hard enough. It is especially true for people who tend to gain mass.

In such a situation, diet alone will not be enough. You must constantly ensure that you consume fewer calories than you burn during the day. The weight loss rate is less critical since it is only necessary to eliminate fat mass.

This week you need to lose one kilo; in this case, you can be sure that you will get rid of fat. Furthermore, it is advisable to calculate the safe weight loss not in kilograms but as a percentage of the initial body weight. During the week, this number should be around one percent, and you should not lose more than three percent in a month.

When they lose weight, many people face the problem of returning to weight after refusing a diet. It is because, after the diet, the metabolism returns to normal; if nothing is done, the weight loss will return. It takes time for the body to adapt to a new diet.

If you lose weight quickly and beyond what is safe, your body will not be able to maintain the weight, and you will gain it back, possibly even more than before the diet started. It is a protective reaction of the body. After a lack of nutrients, it wants to store them if the situation is repeated with fasting.

To avoid this, you should achieve weight loss that will not exceed the average rate of metabolism after the diet is over. In this case, the body will not experience a lot of stress and will not perceive the process of getting rid of fat as a temporary phenomenon. Therefore, your body weight will be stable.

Of course, this isn’t easy to achieve. It would help if you found the diet plan that is most effective for you and allows you to lose weight safely. It would help if you also exercised to maintain a high metabolic rate.