Wondering about the star Scorpio

Do you believe in Zodiac Signs? Well, for me, somehow. I really love writing. Ha ha. It’s so easy and productive. Especially that I’m limp I even get to make some quick bucks. My wallet’s sizing from referrals on Face Book and some posts. Sometimes, I even think of just copy-pasting articles from the web like right now but fortunately the net’s kind of slow so I got lazy doing it. And this way of writing honestly is much fun and better.

So, let’s get back to the topic. My sign is the Scorpion(Scorpio). The most misunderstood sign of all the perhaps the most powerful. I have read a lot about my zodiac as well as others’. Without referencing, I will explain my own sign on what I know and remember about it.

First, let’s start with my sign. The Scorpion. As I said, it is the most misunderstood sign. I am imaginative, determined, shrewd, passionate, emotional, ambitious, dangerous, among many others. I am dangerous because of my of course, the sting of my tail like any arachnid scorpion has. I have a poison. I am also resentful. That is just one of my negative traits. I also have read that the Scorpio has the term revenge on him mostly attributed. His revenge to the world. Sometimes I think what that is. I had Panic Attack back then which in turn became a coma for me to be paralyzed in bed for 1 year and 3 months. 3 days before my mother’s birthday, she saw me stood up as I sneaked one night to use the computer but I wasn’t pretending to be sick or anything. I was really feeling ill and paranoid. We’re not doctors so we all have little to no clue but me, I have experiences back then of compulsions and whatever related to the condition. It is, I repeat, not a disease or illness of some sort but only a condition. That’s what’s stated on the Panic Recovery Program I didn’t bought but read a lot of useful info on it’s site and free videos. I had friends who especially my best friend who treated my first panic attack as a joke but that was a time I didn’t just lay in bed for a long time. I was fighting it and struggling to survive everyday. Some just laughed. I don’t want to be somehow revengeful personally. I don’t also want these signs to control my entire life. I just find it fascinating to know that there is something like this and I find it somehow true on some aspects. I just keep in mind that whatever that revenge means, I can control it. Some sayings on my signs is the, “I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul.”

I am limp now. Know why at I was thinking of even ressurection on some parts of my mind before doing it. Doctors said I will stand after a year and some months or so but in case i don’t, I think I will have to go with prosthetic legs. Cool. I’ll look like a robot. These catastrophe which has struck the world wherein there are faces everywhere or simply pareidolia, seems like it’s past things because of the magic, but having robot legs will make me look like I’m in the future. Ha ha.

About that ressurection. The Scorpio has 4 symbols as far as I can remember, namely; the Lizard, Scorpion, Eagle, and lastly the Phoenix. I was thinking of becoming a phoenix after jumping. I know it’s just a myth. But I’ve recovered from a serious condition back then so I think it will still happen and this will be, I promise, the last problem I will give to my loved ones. The phoenix burns itself into ashes to become reborn. Right now, I have a new life that I will redeem. Just like the lizard’s regenerating powers. It’s tail is cut off and there comes another one later on.

Some famous people I know who are Scorpios are Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio, One from The Jonas Brothers, Marie Curie(Not so sure),

What about you? What is your sign?