There has been a constant debate about the “Existence of God”. Every individual or group of individuals possess there own views .But there still remains some truths that everybody will accept it reasonably.

Harsh but still True

As no one has ever seen God & there is no place where a living man can find him, people, yielding to their weaknesses, tend to believe that God is omni-present. Actually,God doesn’t exist “physically”, that’s the point. Maybe he might have other forms.Let’s see it.

There are a number of incidents reporting death during pilgrimage. Is this the way a father should treat his children? If you can create us then, you can save us too, atleast when we are on a journey to pay you a visit. This proves that he is absent even in other forms. Otherwise, How can he be so insensitive about it? Being present and not protecting simply implies his non-godly presence.

Some may say the pilgrims might not have wore religious items like lockets, tabeez, mala etc. If it is so that wearing these items protects you from evils then, why should soldiers have protective armours in death-battles? They can simply wear a locket or tabeez or tattoo a symbol and go for a battle naked. This is totally a nonsense stuff . Concluding, God doesn’t have any form of existence or simply, God is “Non-existent”.

Laws Of Nature, The Real Saviour

Accidents simply don’t happen due to some devilish effects or godly wraths or paranormally. They happen due to our mistakes & carelessness and it’s effect is propagated by the laws of nature.

The One who is super-strong is Nature. The One who has made laws and follows it strictly & impartially is Nature. If anyone is to be worshiped, It is the “Nature” and its –

  • Life-Giving Air
  • Thirst- Quenching Water
  • Hunger-Satisfying Soil
  • Heat-Relieving Clouds
  • Energy-Spreading Sun
  • Warm-Sheltering Earth.

Laws of Nature is, therefore, THE REAL SAVIOUR.

True Devotion

Concluding, the true devotion lies in worshiping nature rather than worshiping god blindly devoid of any logics, that must be showed by protecting it as fundamental duty rather than following any groundless rituals. It is madness to follow something that is not present avoiding the nature that’s before you since the time life ever began.