Where to buy Indian ethnic dress online?

India’s wide variety and range of ethnic wear are full of incredible aesthetic beauty. The dresses are made from different states of the country and also from various fabrics, methods of weaving, embellishments, color, styles, and many more.

This clothing tells about the unique craftsmanship or culture of different parts of India. All forms and types of ethnic wear of India are very attractive and therefore need a great amount of skill and labor.

Ethnic wear of Indian women

Salwar-kameez: The traditional salwar-kameez is one of the most amazing Indian ethnic wear that can grab the heart of any woman. A variant of this dress is also known as ‘Chooridar’. In this dress, the lower part is a tapering pant called the ‘Chooridar’.

This unique dress comes in three pieces and is a very comfortable choice for any kind of festival or occasion. As this dress can be made of any type of fabric, it is suitable for any type of weather and mood.

Saree: Saree is the most famous ethnic wear in India, and thus can be a perfect choice for any occasion. The attractive designs on these dresses make anyone awestruck by the skill and creativity of the weavers of India.

Different parts of India have distinctive varieties and designs of sarees. Some of those famous sarees according to regions are, Paithani saree is famous in Maharashtra whereas, Benarasi saree is well known in Benaras.

Chanderi and Maheshwari are the famous sarees of Madhya Pradesh. On the other hand, Pochampally sarees with exclusive geometric patterns are very popular in Andhra Pradesh. Assam is the home of the Muga silk that is made with golden-colored threads and is loved by any woman for its wonderful texture.

Other ethnic wear of India: Assam has its own traditional dress known as ‘Mekhela Chador’. This dress is made from high quality Muga silk and has a lower part that is similar to a skirt.

Talking of the dresses of the Kashmiri women, the ‘Pheran’ is the most popular one. It is a woolen gown that is best for beating the freezing temperatures of Kashmir.

Now the ethnic wear for men in India will be discussed.

Ethnic wear for Indian men

A perfect dress for wedding ceremonies or any grand festival is known as the Sherwani. For the men of the northern part of India the ethnic wear known as Kurta pyjama is also a perfect choice.

Dhoti and kurta is the ethnic wear for men in the southern parts of India and can be a very good choice for various types of festivals. Dhoti is an unstitched piece of cloth, worn in many states of India while the form and name may differ in some areas.

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