Facts about silk sarees

The silk sarees are one of the most beautiful sarees ever. As there are many kinds of silk sarees available in the market, the demand graph for these sarees is rising more and more.

We have all seen many women wearing silk sarees for different purposes. The purposes range from weddings, occasions, festivals, inauguration ceremonies, and official work. These types of sarees are so popular because of their shining properties and their vast range of colors.

Not only in India, but the silk sarees have also traveled to almost every corner of the earth. Previously, the silk was transported to the northern parts of India, through the way of silk routes.

As the source of silk sarees is nature friendly and a natural resource, we must keep it safe. In this blog, we will discuss the history of silk sarees, their types and availability, and some of the unknown facts.

Facts about silk sarees are categorized in different parts, below:


We have all seen images of queens and princesses in shiny silk attires in our history books. Have you ever imagined; from where did they get the idea of these silk dresses? The idea of these silk sarees, dresses, and other attires came from a very long time.

The queens wore heavy and long silk sarees back in ancient times. After that, in the state of Bengal, a new kind of silk sarees were invented and named the ‘Muslin’ silk.

As these sarees were less available in the market back in ancient times, the price of these sarees was always high. The silk sarees were given to god and were also believed to be auspicious.

Types of silk sarees

There are a lot of different kinds of silk sarees that are available. The evolution of these sarees made fashion designers explore and research more on silk sarees. After a lot of research and combinations, they have been able to develop various kinds of silk sarees available in the market. Some of them are listed below.

  • Mysore silk
  • Bhagalpuri silk
  • Banarasi silk
  • Konrad silk
  • Art silk
  • Kanchipuram silk
  • Baluchari silk
  • Tussar silk
  • Tanchoi silk
  • Chanderi silk
  • Cotton silk
  • Crepe silk
  • Paithani silk
  • Raw silk
  • Bandhani silk

One of the best silk sarees is the Kanjeevaram silk. These are highly unavailable during the wedding season, particularly in south India. People in south India love these sarees for the elegance and authenticity it provides.

South Indian weddings are incomplete without the use of Kanjeevaram silk sarees. By this, you must have understood the great importance and love that people are showing for the silk sarees.

Some untold facts

The silk mark, the flame test, the border, and the Zari work of the silk sarees are the signs of identification and authenticity. Many of us do not even know, the south Indian silks like the Kanjeevaram silk have remnants of Gujarat in them.


For the great lustrous look and very detailed embroidery, the silk sarees are a favorite for the women of India. These sarees are comfortable to wear and are easy to carry. Thus, the demand for silk sarees is always high from the supply. Although we have discussed some of the names and kinds of silk sarees, in the near future the list will go on.