How to Prepare for UPSC in 1 year?

Civil Service and State Service exams are one of the most rigorous sets of examinations that are conducted across the country. The aspiring candidates that wish to enroll for these exams are hoping to become state officers, police officers, civil service candidates for various positions, etc.

Preparing for the examinations that qualify the candidates for the preliminary rounds is one of the toughest examinations in the country. Every year millions of candidates write these exams by studying and preparing through training centers and UPSC online coaching classes.

These classes prepare such students through a median of various formats such as written materials, coaching tips, training classes, mock exams, discussions, and various kinds of interview preparations as well. These training formats help gain knowledge on how to write these exams and how to prepare for them in the right manner.

The toughest part about these exams is that they cover topics that range from cover to cover of every kind of subject under the sun such as History, geography, science, social sciences, general knowledge, etc. This is what makes studying and preparing for such examinations such a tedious and mind-boggling process.

Preparing for UPSC Exams

UPSC exams are challenging and therefore, the preparations start well in advance, sometimes even 2 to 3 years in advance of writing the exams. The best way to stay ahead in studying for such exams is to prepare many years before one intends to write the exam.

The format of this examination is mainly to do with the NCERT syllabus of CBSE boards and covers subjects between grades 6th and 12th. Another main portion of the exams is national and international current affairs and general knowledge.

This means that students have to stay updated with the past as well as all the current affairs across the globe. This leaves very little to the imagination and therefore needs in-depth preparation.

Below are some tips shared by experts who train students in classrooms and UPSC online coaching formats, on how to prepare for UPSC exams with one year of time in hand:

  1. Knowing the Syllabus

The first step is to know the entire scope of the syllabus from where the questions will be posted from. This means that there are many subjects and topics that can be excluded and therefore leave out a good portion from within which a student can study.

  1. Choosing the right place to Coach

Choosing the best coaching center or a trainer is key as the UPSC exam is all about the right coaching and practice. Choose the right studying group or mentor for best results.

  1. Training with the right format

Study the right format, know the right study material, choose the best books and get the resources in time that will help the student study most effectively.

  1. Maintaining a Study Schedule

Stick to a schedule and study with a rigorous training pattern as this is the only way to stay ahead with all the necessary topics.

  1. Writing and Reviewing

Writing practice is paramount and should not be neglected. Writing and reviewing is one of the best methods to develop subjective-based exams.

  1. Studying Pattern of Examination

Review and study all the past UPSC exam papers as it can hint at the format of the examinations and help with any repeated questions that may reiterate.

  1. Maintaining Good Mental and Physical Health

Lastly, maintaining a peaceful and calm mind and positive attitude along with good physical health is very important to ace these exams.