Ways to look good in pictures- part 2!!

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Previously i posted some few tips for you which will help you look good in pictures.  So here i am again to share few more tips which was left before in my first part.

Here is my continuation of sharing more tips for you.

1- RELAX- An unnatural smile makes you look weird and also ruin a picture. So its very necessary to relax your body and mind while clicking any picture. The best way to give a natural relaxed smile is to rest your tongue behind your upper teeth and smile.

2- WEAR THE RIGHT MAKE UP- Correct make up is very important for looking good in pictures. Don’t wear make up which shines or shimmers. Try to wear dark make up specially around eyes. Wear a dark lipstick as compared to your skin tone. You can also apply concealer or foundation which make your skin look flawless.

3- ADD HEIGHT AND BODY TO YOUR HAIR- Adding extra height to your hair make you look flatter. Add some heights and volume to your hair specially at the crown area. This will help you face look more delicate.

4- WEAR CAMERA FLATTERING CLOTHES- Wearing under baggy clothes makes you look bigger specially in photos. Always wear slim fitting clothes and preferably dark colored clothes.

5- CHOOSE THE RIGHT TIME OF DAY- For out door photos never click photos when the sun is above head. This tend to cast shadows and linings on faces specially below your eyes. The best time to click photos is during dawn when sun is low and don’t forget to keep your face towards light.

6- FACE THE MIRROR- If you are in doubt about my ways and tips then stand in front of mirror and smile. Try different angles to stand and find the angle in which you look flattered. Everybody have their good angles. The only you need is to find it out.