We need to Laugh more often

We Need to Laugh More Often

We Need to Laugh More Often
Hello to all my friends, hope you are all keeping well. We all need to laugh more often. I want you to be very honest with yourself now. When was the last time that you really had a good laugh?
To some people laughing just comes naturally and others have to work at it. When you learn to laugh often you will discover one of the greatest treatments for morbidity and mild-depression
Many extensive studies have been done into the use of humor and laughter to help combat illnesses like the mental state of depression. It is a fact that people suffering from mild depression are more prone to illness than happy people who laugh often.
Everyone can learn the art of laughing, it is natural, and it costs you nothing. Learn to laugh as often as possible until it becomes a habit.
You will become a lot happier within yourself and you will make more friends and soon you will notice a great improvement in all aspects of your life. Do you laugh enough?
I thought that I would share this with all of you. It is something that I read in a book some time ago. Our minds are like a garden so we can liken our mind to a garden, but we must always remember to laugh more often.
The reason been that we are able to plant the right seeds, (to laugh more) destroy or pull out all the weeds, (remove all the negativities) landscape the garden and can protect it from the elements and pests.
One thing is always certain that you will only get out what you have put in. To reap the benefits of a great garden you must be prepared to put in the necessary effort.
This is why it is so important to feed your mind every day with only positive thoughts and to protect it from negative thoughts and you will be able to reap all the beautiful rewards. We all need to laugh more often.
Kathy Atkinson
Image from Pixabay