Travel and discover world

Travel and discover world

Travel and discover world

It is inherent for humans to travel from ancient times. Only if previously people have traveled for reason to escape, for vital reasons: searching for fertile lands, fleeing from poverty, disease, raiders, oppression, now, even though we live relatively peacefully and rich, constantly traveling abroad.

Lack of sleep, painful legs from walking and vicissitudes is almost every traveler’s reality. So why a comfortable, normal life we so willingly exchange to the challenges of physical and mental endurance for to experience the travel?

Travels give us new experiences and knowledge. Traveling we invest in ourselves and the world’s knowledge in a broad sense. Through the experience comes knowledge, understanding and tolerance. We begin to learn to adapt, understand, appreciate and blame less. In other words, we go to experience and returning to use this experience in everyday life – we can create, give, grow, discover and envision.

Being myself irreparable traveler, I follow the truth: in the travel we actually live in, because we know ourselves closer and deeper. We can enjoy the experiences and everyday little things did not bother us, so we can learn new things and fully spend time with loved ones.

Travel not only allows you to step back from everyday worries, but harden, develops creative skills and is a great pride prevention. After all, in the Cambodian jungle nobody would be interested what your responsibilities are, and in the mountains probably will not help your learned management books.

Travel is a good way to test the relationship. Sometimes it is enough one short trip to realize that for the second time to travel with the same person you would not, let alone a lifetime trip…

It is better to see once than to hear a hundred times… Some people travel just because want a quietly time with their loved ones. Others – to escape, to remain alone with themselves, to feel free. Thirds search for identity and true self. However, the most popular reason of all travel – the desire to see, to know and to touch history, other environment and other people in everything: smell, taste, views, experiences, feelings.