Top 10 complaints from unhappy husbands- part 2

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Here i would like to continue to share my topic of the complaints from unhappy husbands..
1- “WE NEED TO MAKE MORE DECISIONS TOGETHER”- If you are unhappy about how much your husband helps out around the house, always make sure that you understand where he is coming from. What you see as lacking may be his thinking a hands off approach is a sign of respect and trust. “Speak up and let him know when his help would be appreciated,” says Thompson.

2- “I DON’T FEEL LIKE I’M HER EQUAL”- It is said that if one person’s faith is diverging from the other’s beliefs, then make a joint effort to stay on the same page. Figure out those things which he can do to connect with you spiritually and otherwise, and consider enlisting the help of your religious leader, who’s likely dealt with issues like this before.

3- “WE DON’T HAVE SEX ANYMORE…..AT ALL”- Both you and your husband deserve equal say in your marriage, so it shouldn’t be up to one person to determine your sexual state as a couple. When you get into a pattern for a really long time, it can be painful and difficult to change those habits.

4- “I FEEL ALONE”- Expert says- it’s human nature to occasionally get so wrapped up in your own issues that it’s difficult to see someone else’s perspective. “when we protect ourselves, we feel like we are the only one who feel a certain way,” says Thompson. Try to voice your feelings of isolation before the next crisis comes up so you have a plain in place for when things get tough. Sit down for a cup of coffee and start a heart-to-heart chat to solve problems.

5- “I FEEL LIKE THE WORK-LIFE BALANCE IS WAY OFF”- Expert says- being passionate about and invested in your career is a good thing, but like much else, it’s a question of balance. You may not suddenly be able to give up working from home or checking in with your boss via email, but you can set some basic guidelines that distinguish between personal and professional time.