30 concrete ways to reconnect with your significant other- part 1

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What actually happens is after the bubbly excitement of honeymoon phase, you suddenly think about work life than your personal life. Then a phase comes when you realize that you haven’t spoken to your partner from weeks. Well it is very normal in a relationship to fluctuate through phases of intense passion and consistent comfort. It’s very important to reconnect with your significant other in a meaningful way.

Here I would like to share some ways to make sure your relationship is more connected and lovable. just try these tips.
1- Share your favorite memories, which you have spent together.
2- Also try to share those memories which you want to spend in future.
3- Flip through each other’s yearbooks and share stories from high schools.
4- Try to plan trips, doesn’t matter its long or short. This can increase the bonding and fun.

5- Start a joint spotifies playlist where you can share what you’ve been listening to.
6- Check in with one another during the busy days with short text, emails, or phone call.
7- Respect each other’s space and alone time. Your partner will appreciate you for respecting their weekly book club meeting or yoga classes.

8- Spend an afternoon volunteering for a charity that’s important to you or your partner.
9- Always try to be creative, special the way of saying ‘I love you’.
10- Try to give your partner a massage, without asking them.
11- Skip bedroom and get intimate in an unexpected location.
12- Tour an art exhibition and share your favorite pieces.