Reading As Hobby –Do You Like To Read?

        Most of us have one hobby or other.It may be reading,knitting,collecting stamps or coins.Some like gardening.I too like gardening.But My hobbies are reading,watching movies,listening to music,spending time at the sea shore,etc

Of course,out of all these,reading is my favorite one.I read all types of books.I read classics,thrillers.horror books,short stories,poems-everything.I had the good fortune to read many many good and interesting books.

Now that this has become a digital world,many people have stopped reading printed books.It is heartening to  see that  some of them still love reading even if it is on their Tablets or Kindle.

   How about us Skypip members?Do you still like reading books? Which sorts of books do you like to read.May be,some of you do not get time for reading.  But do tell us which type of books you used to like.

 Is there a library near you? are you a regular visitor there? Or do you like to buy books?You know many many books are available online for free to read.We can always make use of them. I do hope many of you still make time to read.After all you love writing. You can write about  the books  you have read.

  I would love to read posts from you about your favorite authors,favorite books,favorite genre etc.Why you can even write about  the most boring book you have read.

When I was younger,I used to read a lot of books.But then,there were no TV or Computers or Mobile phones. Here is a quote which I have always liked-

”A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.”–Chinese Proverb.

Now I am going to take a break after posting this and listen to some of my favorite songs.Of course,recently I have been listening to them.Well,listening to them one more time is not going to hurt.