Do You Worry Lots?

Do you worry a lot?  It does not help to worry over something that you do not have any control over. My secret answer to avoid worrying is: keep yourself busy at all times and your mind occupied.

When you occupy you mind with tasks and projects your subconscious mind does not have time to let you worry.

Life is very strange. We all seem to worry about things that we can do nothing about. This so wrong! Why we do this I do not actually know, but we do?

A child will sometimes worry that her/his parents do not understand what he is doing with his life.

A parent will worry, that the children are mixing with the wrong crowd. Why do we do this? Do you worry a lot about unnecessary things?

We should relax more and learn to only worry about the things that we can actually do something about. Some things that we spend our time worrying about will never happen.

We need to stop thinking about the “what if this happens, or where will we be if it does happen”?

When you are able to understand that your worries may never become a reality, and you are only wasting your time and energy on something that will never happen.

Stop worrying now, and live each day in the moment. Remember to stop and smell the roses and begin enjoying your life, learn to appreciate all the little things that we all tend to take for granted.

Worrying get us nowhere it just gets us a few extra wrinkles on our faces. Life is too short, so let us learn to relax more and to enjoy the life that we have been given.

If you remember that your today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

Kathy Atkinson

Picture from Pixabay