Those Girls We Love

In  this post I want to tell you about five girls who own our hearts.

The first of those girls is Holly.  Holly is a Cairn Terrier and has been the queen of our hearts for almost fourteen years now.  She is loyal and loving and fiercely protective.  She is our constant companion and she is a little bit spoiled.

The second girl I want to tell you about is Daisy.  Daisy is a rottweiler mix. She is a puppy still, but a big puppy!  She was a rescue puppy and she truly won us over.  Our side yard is her domain now.  We adore her!

Savannah is a pug.  She belongs to my sister, Wanda.  She is about six years old.  Savannah is full of spunk and vigor.  This dog is very vocal and active.  She is all attitude and has won our hearts.

Girl number four is a treeing walker hound named Lil Girl.  She belongs to our son Russ.  We don’t see her very often as she lives in a kennel in his back yard.  Being a hunting dog, she is not supposed to be treated like a pet, but she is. The experiences we have had with her have been endearing.  She has a way of smiling for the camera that is especially charming and makes her even more lovable.

The last and currently the least of the girls is a baby Beagle puppy named Miss Dixie Sunshine.  Dixie belongs to Russ and Kayla and she is about nine weeks old.  She’s brand new to the family, but she has completely won our hearts.  I think we have all felt love at first sight as far as this little girl is concerned.   This one will be spoiled for sure.

Our family is a very close knit one so of course we love each others pets as our own.  Each girl is different and they all have traits ad personalities that make them unique.