Review: Johnsonville Chicken Sausage~Apple

It is time to share this food product with everyone since I enjoyed it. The label starts out by informing interested customers that Johnsonville Chicken Sausage~Apple that the chicken in it is all natural.  The label states that real apples are used in the product.

Here is some interesting information that is on the packaging label that helped me understand more about this product.

50% less fat


25% less sodium

No added hormones.

It also states that the product is Federal regulations prohibits the use of hormones in chicken. The packaging also has Weight Watcher point value on the front label. Four Weight Watcher points were calculated. Read more about how the points were calculated on the front of the label.

  The taste of Johnsonville Chicken Sausage~Apple , is very good. The sausages are big and plump and helped me feel satisfied after trying them.   

The first ingredient is chicken which makes me feel better about this brand of sausage.  There is an inspected label on the front of the package  that tells more about how this product was inspected.

Calories are 150~ calories for fat is 80 which I feel is good. Fat is 9g, Saturated fat is 2.5 g.

Cholesterol is 60

Sodium is 650 for one link

Carbohydrates are 5g

Sugar is 3

Protein is 12g

Read the back of the packaging for more information.

I give this product a 9 out of 10. The sodium is high but overall the product makes me want to buy it weekly.

I enjoy eating healthier. I have to eat a special way and this product is one way of treating myself more often.

If you love hot dogs or sausages think about trying Johnsonville Chicken Sausage~Apple for a delightful change.

The review on this product is only my opinion about how I felt after trying it. Read more about this product on the front and back of the label to see if this product is worth trying in your opinion. Check all the ingredients and all the information about it. Then, decide if you want to try it, you may just like it.