My Endless Love

It took me so long to decide whether to embrace  again my long lost love, was happy , satisfied and always excited until something went wrong.  I felt  fooled, just took advantage of who i am and what i can do.   It was not easy for me to turn my back but with my two big brown eyes closed, i let  my love go.  Tried hard not to look back and forget what i have started.   But whenever i hear the song  ” always something there to remind me”  my mind begin to rule my heart and keep saying ..come back, come back, only i strongly hesitated and fight with my feelings  and justified my action by thinking , i have got no more time to come back and return to what i finally give up.

Although months have passed , still that “love” is making my mind miserable , thinking why keep bothering me , assuring i am a person who  never go back to what was already left behind. Should always be kept closed.. no comma used  only period. But how come here i am again and seemed beginning to open up and stretch my arms and long for my long lost love.

Is really there is such a thing like endless love?  No ending at all ?  Well, it is hard fr me to accept but it is happening right now, i gave up long time but again here I am and wanting to share what is running from my thoughts, want to know and be with plenty of writers who love writing and exchanging ideas  and becoming friends though we are unable to meet and be together in person.    Yes, I am here once again and my heart crave again for getting to know the people here by their ideas through writing.  This is my endless love – writing …and i think i will never  ever give up.

Just feeling like a new member,but i know i got here long time ago, anyway, just welcome me again. And must find time reading a lot again starting today.  Hello all.