The real reason why quorum colds?

Researchers noted that there are two main phases together produce about the dis

There active phase of the conflict and the mysterious healing mechanism. Most researchers in the field of health and the eyes only for the second phase because there occur all the symptoms of the disease such as runny nose, fever and cough.

In the active phase of the conflict, our body is affected by the conflicts that we face. This could be a milestone in your life, such as the death of an animal, the loss of work, or can be a cause Kalshjar emotionally with your partner or be exposed to psychological pressure at work. The reason why this makes sense, is that the various factors that cause stress stress become active when we quarrel or in the plane. During the fight or flight in the plane, you are performing a contingency plan to control the conflict. If you are still in a state of emergency for a long time have access to end a violent reaction or to rebuild this conflict.

Usually, the healing phase comes in two ways.
First through the resolution of the dispute: for example, the discussion with the person you are angry with him, repairing your car, or success in school exam which I studied him very much. Atdma dispute is resolved, your body is going through transition restore his strength is an important stage.

The second way is to enter into a recovery phase, when your body becomes incapacitated to a large extent due to the conflict to the point of collapse as a result of the constant psychological pressure that hit him. Your body then forcing you to rest so he can recover enough to return to face the conflict that Astensvk during this period. As you might imagine, this dangerous way because the dispute has not been resolved and the session will be repeated and will fall ill again. Repeated the long run such courses can appear in the form of serious illnesses make you vulnerable also because Chlk.

Even if we felt that we are in good condition, we FD also be in the active phase of the conflict. That’s why you should listen to our body, take care of him very well and know what the emotions associated with the warning that the device operated by our body to stay strong and healthy. Listen to your body. Can you ignore the symptoms of a heart attack? So why ignore your anxiety, sadness and anger?

We complete objects, and to be perfect, we must start given to our lives from all possible angles. Try to note the trends that you take in life, and try to see the relationship between the disease and the events that take place in your life. For example. If your family lives in a state of shock and everyone has diarrhea problem at the same time, this signal.

Do you have lived a similar experience in your life? What is an event that could be linking the deterioration of your health? You may have to explain this and leave your comment.