Kitty in Window

TempImage1441748139848 Bell Star in window

Here is Bell Star our cat  she is sun bathing in our window  in the house it is her favorite spot to lay around and nap in the afternoon. Bell knows the meaning of Texas Lazy Days Of Summer.

Life is rough as a Cat (laughing) I believe she knows she has it made.

We got Bell Star at  the human society just a couple blocks from us. From Day one she took to us.  She loves her surroundings and loves to go outside now but does not stay to long outdoors.  We are very happy with her and she is us.

She sleeps at the foot of my bed and wants to be near me all the time. I believe she knows this is home.  It does present a problem because she is underfoot and we have to watch out for her.  Sometimes we put her in bedroom until we finish cooking because she is right there under foot. We just let her out when we are finished cooking.

Bell Star is a mix between Siamese and Calico .  Her colors are Siamese, but face features are Calico.

I believe they took very good care of her at the human society. She showed no abuse at all no marks either.

Bell Star love to explore and she loves to check out anything new brought into “Her” home.  Cats are a d elite to have around and so playful.

Bell Star is 5 years + we have had her now a year.  We will soon be getting her shots updated.  The vet called and told me it was time. Bells vet is a great vet and in our neighborhood. so we don’t have to drive far in case of an emergency.  Which is a relief. Bell like her vet and has stayed there when we were on a long trip. They took very good care of her.

We will enjoy her for years to come hopefully.