Clean the Dirt for Good Health

Keeping the house clean is a chore but absolutely essential. Health of man depends on being clean and free from germs. In the days when there was not enough knowledge about being clean and tidying up, the incidence of diseases was more than it is now. So why should we put everything away?
Just as every animal has only one tail, we cannot have too many vegetables in the pot at one time can we? For one thing, if we leave anything lying around, people will keep on prying and try to take what they can. Not to blame them, but if you remove the temptation, then they will not try to take it, right? Being tidy also is being clean.
To be sure, civilization moved in the direction of health and progress all the time. They also concentrated on the primary values of education, knowledge, cleanliness and unity. These base values added to the speed of progress. When man had health, he could enjoy his wealth. The only thing that counted all the time was cleanliness at all places and all times.
When people built their house in a civilized place, they used to check that they were far away from the road. The reason for this was that the dust used to come from the road and make their house dirty. Keeping everything tidy will ensure that you do not collect too much dirt. Our furniture, vessels and clothes will all last longer when we make an effort to keep them clean.
At this time of the year, when we have many festivals we should remember the festival of Bhogi when people burn their old clothes in a symbolic gesture of casting away dirt, old habits and ways.