The Pink City

I am here to tell you about the pink city. Well, have you heard about pink city?

If you have not heard about it, i am gonna tell you about the most beautiful  place in India as ranked by the google itself. I personally visited this Place last month with my college friends as a tour was organized by my college. I must say it was a hectic journey as all we did was traveled the Pink City to the fullest. Well, the pink city is commonly known as Jaipur. Jaipur is located in the north India with neighboring cities like Delhi, Agra,Rajasthan and few more.

When it comes to my experience of visiting Jaipur, I was  seriously impressed by the ancient monuments made by the kings , ancient monuments such as City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal , Jantar Mantar and  Amer Fort the biggest of all (in area).

SHEESH MAHAL (mirror palace)

Most people visit Jaipur to see an amazing place called Sheesh mahal which is made up of 99% Belgium Glass and 1% plaster of paris. I was amazed to see such a wonderful place and also I saw a huge crowd at that place that were admiring the beauty of sheesh mahal. Apart from this place there, the one i liked the most was Jal Mahal, a huge Palace that is surrounded with water, i wonder how skilled the labours were who made all these palace without any latest technology.

JAL MAHAL (water palace)

The name jal mahal comprises of  two words jal and mahal where jal = water and mahal = palace, so basically the water palace was made to  protect the  kings and queens from the attackers from the enemy nations , that’s why it was surrounded with water so that no attacker can easily enter the palace  and despite the water there were guards that  have their eyes on the surroundings. I guess that was the most safest place of old times.