One Piece

One Piece

Well, friends what comes in mind when we hear ” one piece” ?

Most of you will think about a dress that is popular among girls, but friends i am not talking about any of the dresses , i am talking about a Japanese show named” One Piece”. Its a series where a  boy named Monkey. D. Luffy  has a goal to find a legendary treasure that is left behind by the legendary group of pirates. The treasure name is “ONE PIECE”.


If luffy wants to be the king of pirates  then he must have a strong crew that helps him in every difficult situation so he gathered u a crew of 9 people including  him. The pirate crew consists of:

Monkey.D.Luffy (captain)

Luffy is a boy who sets out to sea at the age of 17 in search of the legendary treasure named one piece and is inspired by one of the emperors of the sea who saves his life by sacrificing his one arm.

Zoro (swordsman)

The first mate of the captain Luffy and is a strong swordsman who’s aim is to be the world’s best swordsman. Before joining the crew, zoro was just a pirate hunter who used to capture the pirates and hand them to the navy and earn some money for his living. He is now the swordsman of the pirate group.

Nami (the navigator)

The notorious girl Nami has intrest only in two things , she wants money and to draw the world map. However, she has a dark past  and was forced to work for some pirates.

Just like the above members each of them have a dark past and have suffered a lot in their lives.The other crew mates are:

Sanji (the cook)

Usopp ( the sniper)

Robin( the archaeologist)

Franky ( the shipwright)

Chopper (the doctor)

Brook ( singer and swordsman)

I would like to suggest that unlike other television shows , this anime has something special that attracts the person interest.   Well if you don’t believe me,check out about this anime in IMDb. I am sure you  guys will love it.