The struggle of a Young Team Leader

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How it all started. 

Hi, my name is Marge. I am a Team Leader in one of the biggest BPO industry in the Philippines.  As a Team Leader it was really a roller coaster ride.

I was the youngest Supervisor in our Program and the struggle is real. No one expected me to be a Team Leader by the way.

My first 6 months were hell. I don’t know how to react to my agent’s situation specially for Moms and Dads. I am single and does not have experiences with regards to Children or Family. It took me 6 months to understand where they’re coming from. It took me 6 months for me to control my emotions and temper.

I push them to their limits and they should prove me wrong. Now, me and my Team works as a Family.

My Team has fourteen people.
Leslie – the old and very responsible mom. Joanne – The bread Winner. Denzcel – My newly wed preggy pretty lady. Jenny – Happily Married JP – Our Savior. Faith – Our curse Queen.
Thea – Single and ready to mingle.
April – The best breadwinner and the positive thinker.
Yvette – The most talkative.
Steven – The Shy Type
Tom – The full of confidence.
Zhy – The Dakilang Sister
Jecyl – Our preggy Mom and currently on Maternity Leave.
Shenly – Our pretty Mom of Two geniuses. No word can express how thankful I am to be always understood by them. Our Team Quotes :”Insanity : Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result.” By : Einstein.

“Consistent action creates consistent result.”

“If you want to be successful, be consistent.”
Photo Credits to : Taken during our Team building. We normally hold Team Buildings every two months. We go out of town for overnight and enjoy the company of each other.