The Avocado, Good for Your Health!

stock-photo-avocado-isolated-on-a-white-background-116205556The Avocado is one of the best fruits you can eat for your health. Not to mention good.

Avocado’s are one of the most Nutrient Dense fruits, also.  With over 20 Vitamins and Minerals plus Phytonutrients,  for eye health.

Avocado’s are Heart Healthy, Sodium Free, Trans fat Free, and Cholesterol Free.

They are healthy for the Eyes with 81 Micro grams of Lutein.

A Plant Based Diet has proven to improve over all  health.  By limiting meat, or by completely removing meat from the diet can help.

Avocado’s in your diet.

I guess the first thing most folks thing of is Guacamole. Which is simple to make.

Take an Avocado peel it and remove the seed.  Mash it up in a bowl and Tomatoes, Cilantro,  Onion, Chilly Peppers to taste and mix till smooth.

One of our favorite is Avocado and Tomato Sandwich.   Just peel, remove seed, Slice the Avocado, Slice a Tomato, layer on bread with any garnish you want. And eat with chips.

Avocado can be substituted for butter or oil in baking recipes. Being high in moisture it will make your Cookies and cakes more moist. And when substituting it for oil you may need to add some liquid to thin out the Avocado.

The Avocado is probably the best all around  fruit  for the price you will find.  It can be use in more different ways that another fruit. And the value as far as health benefits out weight the cost.

So go, now and buy some fresh ripe Avocado’s and get to making something delicious for supper or lunch.  You will not be disappointed.

And remember, if you do not take care of your body. Your Body is not going to take care of you.

”  Live Long and Prosper”