In Memory of Our COCO!

dog-413141_640     I write this as a Memorial to our little baby COCO.  She was a Toy Poodle, Black, and just the best little companion we had ever had.

We got her when she was just four weeks old. The breeder had called us and said we could come and get her. That  the mother had started killing the pups, and ours was eating food already.  She was so small, she could lay in the palm of my hand.

COCO was registered, and from a line of Champion Show Dogs as long as your arm.  She could never be a show dog. Because she had a crooked back hip and walked with a limp. And a lip the showed one of her teeth.  But she was our Champion.

We took her every place we went. She just loved to travel. When we traveled she would lay across my wife’s neck. As she got older, she would lay in my wife’s lap or stand on the door handle and look out the window.

She was small, maybe 4 pounds soaking wet. But, if someone came to the door or another dog came too close, she would become a terror.  Barking and showing her teath, you would think she was a Rottweiler.

We left her very few times at a kennel, and she did not like that. She was a people dog, had little use for other dogs. I always said, she had no idea that she was a dog.

As the years passed she began to have a hard time getting around. Her right back hip hurt her.  If we went someplace she could not go, we would leave her in the backyard. With her bed and food and water.

The last time we left her when we came back she was laying in her bed. Looked like she was asleep. But she had passed away in her sleep.