Taking Flight

Very early this morning, I got out of bed, still completely exhausted, and got ready to head out of the door. For whatever reason, I thought that it was a good idea to promise my best friend that I would take her to the airport for her trip.

Well, I can’t act like I don’t know why I did it. She didn’t really have anyone else that was able to take her, and I was interested in being a part of her first time on an airplane.

As we got closer to the airport, everyone was stressing out. I wasn’t running on my sleep, so my mood was sour. My boyfriend (who was riding along just in case I got lost on the way back) was feeling sick. My best friend and her travel buddy were trying to act as if they weren’t afraid, but it was both of their first time getting on a plane.

I tried to keep conversation away from the actual plane ride, but it came out anyway. They both eased up a little bit on the outside, but you could tell that they were still freaking out. I think that they just didn’t want to make it worse for each other.

When I dropped them off, I got a nervous goodbye and I promised them both that I’d see them soon (I might be the one picking them back up on Wednesday when they return).

Their flight isn’t suppose to land for another hour, so I haven’t heard anything from them yet, but I’m hoping that they enjoyed their first airplane ride!

Personally, I don’t think that I could ever do it. I have way too many anxiety issues and I’d probably pass out before I even made it to the plane. That or I would have to be highly medicated!


Have you ever been on a plane? If so, did you enjoy your first airplane ride?