Weekend quality time with Family

Saturdays and Sundays were the best days, why? because it is bonding time with the family (and my sibs and parents too) just this Saturday, I have a quick date with my little angel and then head home to my parents house (yes they were expecting us to arrive during weekends) my little darling loves talking to my mother (at the age of three she speaks straight no more baby talks) she will turn four this November (how time flew so fast)

We went to church on Sunday morning and make a quick hop at Pavillion Mall, ate our lunch at Jollibee (treat by our youngest sibling – thank you for the treat) then after lunch we head over to a bookstore my two sibs bought something for our mother, yes a new set of coloring water pencils and an adult coloring book, we’re happy that she loves it, after getting something for my mother my younger sibs get new pair of prescription glasses (she needs it because her vision is getting blur)  and before heading home, we had our snack near the grocery section, since im still not well from being sick for a week, my younger sister treat my daughter with their favorite french fries and ice cream. While waiting for our youngest sibling, we decided to roam around the grocery section, we bought from the wet section (white meat mostly) then some vegetables,  we also get some items that is needed in our home like laundry soaps, dish washing soaps and more.  I got something for the little kiddo too, some biscuits and chocolate drink. Sunday is family day and I love spending quality time with my family.

Such a great weekend!